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Glossary of brain regions
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amygdala search for term

means "almond", so-named because of its shape and size. The amygdala is part of the basal ganglia, and is situated in the temporal lobe. It has many connections with other parts of the brain, most particularly with the limbic system, for which reason it is considered part of the limbic system (although not part of the limbic lobe itself). The amygdala is critically involved in computing the emotional significance of events, and recent research indicates it is responsible for the influence of emotion on perception, through its connections with those brain regions that process sensory experiences, thus "allowing perception of emotionally significant events to occur despite inattention.” Rat studies also suggest that the amygdala, in tandem with the orbitofrontal cortex, is involved in the forming of new associations between cues and outcomes - in other words, it is the work of the amygdala to teach us what happens to us when we do something.

angular gyrus search for term

a gyrus located in the inferior parietal lobule, at the crossroads of areas specialized for processing touch, hearing and vision. Larger in hominids than other primates, it has been implicated in our understanding of metaphor.

anterior cingulate search for term

also known as area 24 of Brodmann-1905. The anterior cingulate is a defined area of the cerebral cortex including parts of both the cingulate gyrus and the frontal lobe.

anterior temporal cortex search for term

part of the temporal cortex; believed to store facts about people and thought to be an essential part of the identifying process.