An ingredient of the curry spice turmeric called curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory apparently helps learning and memory through its action on BDNF...

Graphic summaries are summaries that reorganize the text. Two examples of graphic summaries are outlines and graphic organizers.

In an outline, topics are listed with their subtopics in a linear format, like this:


Branches of Government (U.S.A.)


What are external memory aids?

External memory aids include such strategies as:

The use of worked examples

We're all familiar, I'm sure, with the use of worked-out examples in mathematics teaching. Worked-out examples are often used to demonstrate problem-solving processes. They generally specify the steps needed to solve a problem in some detail. After working through such examples, students are usually given the same kind of problems to work through...

Types of reading disability

A longitudinal study that used imaging to compare brain activation patterns has identified two types of reading disability:

What is it?

A critical part of attention (and working memory capacity) is being able to ignore distraction. There has been growing evidence that meditation training (in particular mindfulness meditation) helps develop attentional control, and that this can start to happen very quickly.

For example:

Several large, long-running studies have found that smoking significantly increases your risk of Alzheimer's, as does high exposure to secondhand smoke. Smoking, both in old age and in adolescence, is also associated with lower IQs and lower cognitive performance. It appears, however, that this is largely recoverable if you give up smoking.

There is a very common form of forgetfulness that is not really a failure of memory. When we get in our car to drive to place A and find ourselves instead on the road to the more familiar place B, this is not a failure of memory. When we clear the table and find ourselves putting the margarine in the dishwasher or the dirty plate in the fridge, this is...

A perennial topic in the arena of memory improvement is the question of “food for the brain”, and in particular, whether there are dietary supplements that can improve your mental abilities. While my own emphasis is improvement through development and practice of skills, I don’t dismiss the possibility of improvement through more physical means. I myself am a great fan of the...